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LOCHER has two production plants located near the city of Bolzano: one producing accessories and components for doors and metallic shutters for the building industry. The second, recently built plant was designed for door manufacturing.

The experience of production in the sector of door components and hardware, together with an in-depth study and knowledge of how materials and technology behave in fire situations, have allowed the production of quality doors that meet the latest standards. These state of the art standards are the only ones acceptable once national standard UNI 9723 is withdrawn and European standard EN 1634 is applicable.

LOCHER, produces all door components in house. Locks, hinges, various fittings doors and frames and all other accessories. All components are rigorously certified and CE marked where prescribed by the new regulations. The doors feature an advanced technology core al developed by LOCHER. These features conform with the intentions and principles that underlie the CE marking procedure and that will in the near future be extended to the whole door.

LOCHER has innovative production facilities, equipped with technologically advanced and flexible processing systems.  The production of all LOCHER products results in the  certification according to the quality system control procedure as per UNI - EN standards.

Doors manufactured by LOCHER are also technologically designed and manufactured to ensure ease of transportation, storage and installation.
LOCHER doors feature a larger leaf-frame contact surface to ensure a safe overlap in packing, which avoids crushing during transport. They are made in the factory as specified to open left or right. However LOCHER doors are reversible by means of a simple operation before installation in standard sized single leaf or double leaf versions.

Other innovative benefits can be seen in this brochure: the main features of this product are nevertheless the static and structural reliability as proven by the compulsory slamming and mechanical resistance tests, together with the fire rating performance of up to two hours according to the strict parameters of the new European standard.

The ENDOOR model doors, with the main accessories for use, represent the range available at present. LOCHER srl. is now planning to expand its range of fire-rated models, multipurpose models and all relevant accessories with attractive, technically innovative and competitive solutions. ENDOOR, ENDOOR for plasterboard walls, ENPLUS and ENPLUS plasterboard, UNIFORM worksite and MULTIPLAY reversible - imitation wood version; in planning: stainless steel doors and sliding doors.

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