Emergency exit crossbars

The LOCHER range of emergency exit crossbars includes the Twist (TW) and Slash (SL) models with BLACK base as shown on this page and on the following page with ALUX base (new). All crossbars are reversible, certified and CE marked according to European standard EN 1125 and supplied with instructions for installation, use and maintenance in accordance with the law.
These crossbars also use mortise locks for the secondary leaf of double leaf doors with integrated rods for the top and floor side closing.
When the crossbars are ordered with doors, LOCHER supplies the doors ready for installation of the crossbars, with emergency-type locks inserted.
When only crossbars are ordered (with or without the coupling handle for the opposite side) for subsequent installation on LOCHER or other doors, the purchaser must also order the emergency locks and, for Slash models, the screw fixing plate and the hole cover plate (if there are holes to be covered on the leaf).
The codes BM - BSP - BS - BMC - BC - B following the TW and SL codes as illustrated below identify the type of handle to be combined with the crossbar to create sets for single leaf doors or the main leaves of double leaf doors. The code A identifies the crossbar for the secondary leaf.
The crossbar bases are made of strong plastic with a steel core, while the bars are made of natural anodised aluminium with an oval shape, all easy-to-assemble, low-maintenance and tested to function and to resist wear for many years.

Emergency exit crossbars - SLASH

Emergency exit crossbars - TWIST

Emergency exit crossbars Twist (TW) and Slash (SL) with ALUX base (new). Together with the bar, the aluminium-coloured plastic parts create a unique silver unit with a modern, pleasant appearance. An ALUX-coloured handle is fitted on the opposite side of door, available in various versions BM - BSP - BS - BMC - BC.

Dimensions - marking

Carrier arm

Double leaf doors with emergency crossbars must be equipped with the carrier arm which allows the closing regulator to function in the event that the door is opened by pushing the secondary leaf only.

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