MULTIPLAY - Standard doors

Single leaf (type 1A)

Door assembled ready for installation, reversible for fitting pull-left SX or pull-right DX, composed of:

  • Door leaf made of double galvanised sheet steel with fibre sandwich core honeycomb, total thickness 42 mm, with projection to overlap frame on 4 sides.
  • Angular frame on 4 sides made of galvanised sheet steel profile with bendable clamps for fixing using mortar, ready for installation using expansion bolts (not included). Hidden cut for the reduction of one of the short sides of the frame to lower installation spacer, fully removable after installation.
  • Lock with cylinder hole and patent model site-key with plastic insert.
  • Black safety double lever handle, pair of plates with cylinder hole. Centre of handle at 1128 mm from finished floor level for doors of standard height 2150 mm and at 1078 mm from finished floor level in doors of standard height 2050 mm. Available with "ALUX" colour handle at extra charge.
  • 2 bearing hinges and 3 safety locking bolts on hinge side.
  • Finishing of door with water type semi-brilliant embossed varnish, standard tone RAL 7035. Other RAL tones are available, some free of charge for orders of at least 10 doors, others with quality reserve (RAL 9006 and 9007). Doors also available in galvanised-only. Wood design coating  only available for large quantities on request.
  • Manufactured only to standard sizes specified in this catalogue and in the price list.
  • Approximate weight of door: 11-12 kg/m2.
  • Doors individually wrapped in nylon and supplied on pallets of 12 items. Data plackard on external side of frame on each door.
  • Optional accessories only delivered installed on doors: ventilation holes, access control system "SCA".
  • Optional accessories delivered installed on or separately from doors: glazed windows, metal mesh louvers, black plastic louvers.
  • Optional accessories only delivered separately from door: cylinders, rubber gasket, emergency crossbars and locks, door closers, fixed knobs or blind plates, frame extension type "PRUN", stainless steel plates and kick plates, electromagnets and control units.
  • Door version with 3 closing points available in large quantities on request.

Double leaf (type 2A)

As above but:

  • Supplied dismantled with frame as 4 items for easy assembly.
  • Secondary leaf with central counter profile and projection to overlap frame on 3 sides, counter lock and rods inside the leaf for upper and lower closing. Plastic extension for screwing to the lower edge of the central counter profile. Floor socket supplied with screws and dowels. Optional ventilation holes are on main leaf only.
  • 4 bearing hinges and 6 safety locking bolts.
  • Pallets of 12 leaves = 6 doors

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