Types - Sizes

The illustrations on this page show some of the certified and approved ENDOOR and ENPLUS versions in diagram form.
Fire-rated versions of the EI2 60 and EI2 120 doors are available as single and double leaf unglazed, single and double leaf with rectangular glass of various dimensions, single and double leaf with round glass, diameter 300 and 400 mm, installation with clamps for fixing using mortar and installation on frame. More detailed information about maximum and minimum approved dimensions both of doors and windows appear in the 2010 price list, updated and enlarged to contain larger doors and windows, installations on various partitions, other models and additional accessories. In the absence of a price list or for updated information, please send a fax or e-mail for the most recent certified range or for specific offers, stating the name of the requesting company, types, dimensions and accessories of the desired doors.

Dimensional limits:

  • Height of doors up to 269 cm.
  • Width of doors (single leaf) up to 135 cm.
  • Width of doors (double leaf) up to 269 cm.
  • Window, small (VP) 30 x 40 H cm.
  • Window, large (VG) 625 x 400 H cm.
  • Window, round (T3) diameter 30 cm.
  • Window, round (T4) diameter 40 cm. (only EI2 120 available)
  • Installation on plasterboard partition

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