Fire-rated windows

Doors can be supplied on request with fixed windows in fire-rated or multipurpose versions, or with ventilation louvers in multipurpose versions only. Inserting the window means that the doors are no longer reversible and therefore the direction of opening (pull-right DX or pull-left SX) must be specified at the time of order. Windows and louvers are available in standard and custom sizes, but must respect the minimum and maximum dimensions and the distance from the door edge as indicated in the relevant section attached to the price list. Windows are composed of glass or louvers and their fastening frame is painted like the door, with screws visible on one side. The dimensions of windows are nominal and refer to the glass edge, with the net dimension approx. 15 mm less on each side. Unless otherwise specified by the customer at the time of order, small transparent windows are inserted for viewing at a height of 150-160 cm above ground level, if necessary aligning the lower edge in the case of more doors or windows of different heights.

Fire-rated windows

Types available:

  • EI2 Glass    60  thickness 22-24 mm  weight   60 kg/m2
  • EI2 Glass  120  thickness 52-55 mm  weight 130 kg/m2

Attention: Fire-rated glass deteriorates rapidly if exposed to direct sunlight or if water comes into contact with the cut edge. Doors with fire-rated glass must never be installed on exteriors. The transparency and micro-defectiveness of fire-rated glass lie within the tolerances indicated by the glass manufacturer, which can be supplied on request and which the purchaser accepts. It is advisable to use an overhead door closer on leaves with fire-rated glass of more than 25 kg in weight.

Multipurpose windows

Types available:     

  • Transparent float glass, thickness 5 mm, weight 12 kg/m2
  • Laminated security glass 3+3 = thickness 6-7 mm, weight 16 kg/m2
  • Wired glass (cellar type), thickness 6.5 mm, weight 16 kg/m2
  • Wired polished glass (transparent thickness 6.5 mm, weight 16 kg/m2
  • Insulated glass 4/12/4 = thickness 20 mm, weight 20 kg/m2
  • Metallic louver, painted like door.
  • Metallic louver + insect mesh, painted like door.
  • Black plastic louver, 482 x 97 mm, air passage 250 cm2.

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